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Wheel Axles are also available along with wheel assemblies. Pedals pairs are also available with the right fit out there again with good colours. You can find even contrasting materials of the front Bars. Rocker Mini Bmx Bikes Australia  also provides you packages of the spare parts. So if you are buying the stocks, then you can find the 4 pieces of Bars in a good economical package in the long run. Comfortable seats are usually the desire of a Rocker BMX Australia rider, as he/she wants to fully focus on the stunts or ride. In that case, you can find really nice seats in more than one colours.

Forks of good quality are also available made up of different materials. Forks are ready to install with lustre properly applied to give them an astonishing look with your Rocker .
Every rider knows that chain is the link of their bike motion. So Rocker BMX also provides you with chains of multiple links to guide your bike in the right direction. Chains are also rugged with long life. You can apply any suitable oil to increase their life span.

Ball Bearings are the pure mechanics of any bike. So that’s also the case with Rocker  where you can find the complete set of ball bearings of finest quality of steel. Freewheel tool is also available to enhance the beauty of your Rocker BMX bike in australia journey. Cranks are also available in different sets of the variety of shapes and materials. Bolts, spacers and washers are also included in the Cranks kits.
Rocker BMX Australia spare parts are no issue as they can be ordered online from any corner of the world. For the customers in Australia, there is an important announcement from the manufacturer.