Terms And Conditions

Our Mini BMX Bikes, parts and accessories are not sold as children’s toys, nor are they sold for use as a bicycle. Our Mini BMX, parts and accessories are sold as an extreme sports product, designed for use by competent adults on private land. Any adult who facilitates the use of Our Mini BMX Bikes by a minor does so entirely at their own risk.Our Mini BMX Bikes are not sold for use on the public highway, nor is it legal for them to be used on the public highway. Our Mini BMX Bikes products are supplied without brakes and thus caution must be taken when riding. Always allow plenty of space to stop safely when riding. It is paramount that safety equipment be used when riding Our Mini BMX Bikes.

The following is advised but may not be exhaustive: Helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, shin pads, protective shoes and back protector.

Our Marketing material may contain images or video of riders performing various stunts/tricks on Our Mini BMX Bikes These riders are professionals in their field of extreme sports and anyone attempting to replicate these tricks does so entirely at their own risk.

Note: Marketing material that shows riders performing tricks will always show Our Mini BMX Bikes that have been modified with the necessary upgrades to perform those tricks. We accept no liability whatsoever for injury loss or death as a result of persons attempting to copy tricks carried out by professionals in the marketing material.

Extreme sports are notoriously dangerous by their very nature. Anyone riding a Our Mini BMX Bikes does so entirely at their own risk, agrees to wear the necessary protective clothing when riding and agrees to indemnify Us and it’s re-sellers as a result of any consequential loss, injury or death be it directly related or in 3rd party connection with such riding.

Parent should supervise kid who ride these bikes